Phylogeography of Indo-Pacific Reef Fish. 

My research has involved projects looking at phylogeographic patterns in a variety of fishes who are distributed across the Indo-Pacific including, wrasses, goatfish, cardinalfish and angelfish . Results from undertaking phylogeographic research can help us identify barriers to dispersal which can help inform proper management of fish stocks. This research also provides insights into the mechanisms the facilitate evolution in the sea. 

A graphical representation of my published research describing phylogeographic patterns in the Regal Angelfish, Pygoplites diacanthus. Initially thought to be a single species, we discovered four distinct lineages and disjunct genetic structure across the surveyed range that coincide with previously documented barriers to dispersal and gene flow. 

Photo: Coral reefs of the Red Sea (Saudi Arabia). Diving in remote areas while be encompassed by a wide diversity of colorful fauna as your work place is one of the greatest things about working as marine scientist. Photo credit: Tane Sinclair-Taylor